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Order Vitamins and Herbal Medications Recommended by Dr. Sadoun

Now, you can order the herbal and nutrition products Dr. Sadoun recommends. Just click on the link to Dr. Sadoun's Pure Encapsulations site, where you can choose from her approved list of products. These are highly standardized, prescription grade, purified products that are hypoallergenic. Most products are Vegan. Oil-based products come in either a liquid or a beef-gelatin enclosed capsule. No pork products are used in their factory. Dr. Sadoun has chosen products she is familiar with and has reviewed the research. Pure Encapsulations has over 300 products, so if you don't see what you are looking for, send an email to info@spiritoftexasfamilymedicine.com and Dr. Sadoun will review and add it to the site if appropriate. 

​For personalized herbal medications and nutrition recommendations to complement your treatment plan, see Dr. Sadoun.